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Together We Can
 Residential Care Specialist – Direct Care
Job Description

Minimum qualifications for the position

  1. Be at least eighteen (18) years of age
  2. Preferred experience providing services and supports to individuals within the MR/DD population; if no experience, then have the desire to provide such services and supports
  3. Demonstrate the ability to communicate adequately in order to complete required forms and reports of services provided, follow oral and written instructions and communicate with a client in the client’s mode of communication
  4. Complete training as referenced to in the DDRS Policy Manual within BDDS Policy Number: 460 0228 027
  5. Demonstrate continuous competency as described in the above named policy.
  6. Current CPR/First Aid certification
  7. Posses a valid driver’s license and auto insurance
  8. Obtain a Criminal History Search from each state and county, wherever located, in which an applicant has resided and/or worked during the three (3) years before the criminal history investigation is requested from the county and meeting requirements of the DDRS Policy Manual and BDDS Policy Numbers: 460 0221 009 and 460 0221 010
  9. Ensure there are no finding entered into the state nurse aid registry of the Indiana State Department of Health


Major duties required of the position

  1. Assure that active treatment meets the expectations of Together We Can
  2. Provide client support and ensure satisfaction
  3. Demonstrate the ability to provide services according to the client’s ISP
  4. Demonstrate willingness to accept supervision
  5. Demonstrate an interest in and empathy for those being served
  6. Complete all documentation related to job duties at each shift worked


Responsibilities of the employee in the position

  1. Have traits of responsibility, common sense, creativity, moral character and good judgment
  2. Function well under pressure and make decisions quickly
  3. Have the ability to cope with and act proficiently in emergency situations
  4. Work all assigned hours and complete each shift
  5. Perform all other duties as assigned
  6. Follow all Together We Can, Inc policies and procedures


Direct Care Staff report to Director of Operations: Leah Kantin

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